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Why Choose Dentures?

It’s always your choice whether you make a move to Dentures when you no longer have functioning teeth, and sometimes dentures offer the best option to replace missing teeth. If you think it might be time to get dentures, your dentist can examine your mouth and suggest how your dental problems can be solved. Sometimes, there are other alternatives, such as implants and crowns or root canal therapy. Your dentist can help you decide if these are your best long-term solutions. One thing is certain, though. You do need teeth, whether natural or artificial, to be able to eat a healthy diet and maintain your body in excellent physical condition.

Preparing for Dentures

In some cases, you may have already lost all your teeth, and if so, your gums are probably ready to accept the dentures as soon as they’re made. However, most of our patients still have some teeth left, but they’re not strong or stable enough to keep these patients healthy. You may need to have a few extractions before your gums are ready for the dentures. Once the bad teeth are removed, your gums need to heal for several months before you can be fitted with a permanent, removable denture.

Custom-Fitted Dentures

All dentures are now custom-fitted, but the quality of the fit depends on how skilled your dentist is at making the impressions for the dentures. The dentist fills a tray with a special compound. He or she places the tray into your mouth and instructs you to bite down sufficiently to create the impression. You wait until the compound sets up. Then, the dentist removes the impression, prepares it and sends it to the dental lab so your new teeth can be produced.

The Fitting Process

Although your dentures should fit you well when you first get them, you may have slight problems with the fit. And, in any case, you may need adjustments after your gums continue to heal and as they adjust to your new dentures. Your dentist can make these small adjustments in the dental office with little if any additional cost to you. Your dentures will fit more securely and comfortably after adequate adjustments are made.