Amalgam-Free Fillings

How Exposure To Mercury Happens With Amalgam-Free Fillings

If you have a dentist who uses amalgam fillings, he or she has to open a mercury capsule to mix the amalgam. As the capsule is opened, a burst of mercury vapors is released, exposing you, the dentist and the dental assistant to harmful levels of mercury. In addition to the exposure you get when a dentist places an amalgam filling, you release mercury vapors every time you brush your teeth. Mercury builds up in your system until the levels post a significant health risk.


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Health Risks Associated With Mercury Exposure

Scientists, doctors and dentists are well aware of the impact of mercury exposure. This is a growing problem among dental patients everywhere. Particularly at risk are the unborn babies and breastfeeding infants of mothers who are exposed to mercury. In fact, one in six babies born have high levels of mercury in their blood. Also, mercury exposure can cause a wide range of health problems for children and adults, including:

  • Tremors
  • Emotional changes
  • Insomnia
  • Weakness
  • Lower cognitive function
  • Kidney problems
  • Respiratory failure
  • Death

Removing Old Amalgam Fillings

Without using proper procedures, removing amalgam fillings can present a significant risk of mercury exposure. Fortunately, amalgam-free dentists have developed safe ways of removing amalgam fillings. Grinding out old amalgam fillings with a dental bur can turn them into a fine powder that you can quickly breathe in, exposing your body to high levels of mercury. Therefore, we use a cut-and-chunk procedure to break up the fillings without creating that mercury cloud. We also make sure the material is kept cool; this decreases mercury vapors. We isolate the tooth with a rubber dam before removing the fillings and keep your mouth suctioned clean throughout the procedure. After the filling is removed, we give you a dental rinse to wash away any remaining mercury.

Placing New Amalgam Free Fillings

Whether you are replacing an old amalgam filling or getting a new filling, we use amalgam-free fillings. This protects your health at the same time as it protects the structure and functionality of your teeth. We have a variety of amalgam-free fillings to choose, including composite resin, porcelain onlays and overlays, gold and ceramic fillings. We don’t care just for your dental health, but we take every possible measure to protect your general health as well.

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