Socket Preservation and Bone Grafting

Socket preservation is one of the routine procedures done to prevent the collapse of the bone after tooth extraction. Usually bone around the tooth resorbs after extraction, which may become difficult to restore in the future.

These changes are usually clinically significant and can make placement of a conventional bridge or an implant-supported crown difficult

Preservation of the alveolar ridge minimizes residual ridge resorption and, thus, allows placement of an implant that satisfies esthetic and functional criteria with a better prognosis.

How is the procedure done?

After the tooth is carefully extracted without damaging the socket, extra bone is placed into the socket and covered by a membrane to promote healing. Bone completely integrates into the body in 4-6 months.

What kind of bone is used?

We can choose between Autograft( one’s own bone harvested from other bones in the body), Allograft( material from other human beings after careful processing), Xenografts( from other species like a bovine, pig), or from Alloplast( synthetic materials)

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