Dental Clear Aligners vs. Other Orthodontic Option

Dental Clear Aligners vs. Other Orthodontic Option

Improving your smile should be comfortable and not awkward at all. If you have crooked teeth, it is a common perception that the process of correcting them might be painful.

Clear Aligners vs. Other Orthodontic

Aside from that, the dentist might suggest attaching conspicuous dental braces or appliances. In the past, this is true. But as technology advances, there are more options like clear aligners

What are clear aligners?

Clear or invisible aligners are orthodontic treatment appliances that are unlike teeth braces in appearance. It is made of special thermoplastic material, giving you that comfort and transparency that you need while wearing them. 

Suffice to say, plastic aligners are alternative to metal braces which can be bothersome in looks and usage. 

However, you need to consult your dentist first to know if this treatment is right for you.

Generally, plastic aligners are suitable for patients with minor teeth misalignment. Nevertheless, its material is designed to move the teeth to their correct position effectively. So, there is still a possibility that you can opt for this treatment instead.

Other invisible orthodontic appliances

If clear aligners are not advisable for you, there are still other alternatives to improve your teeth discreetly. 

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are also known as “hidden braces” as they are literally hiding behind the patient’s teeth. It is similar to traditional braces, using the same wires and brackets, only that the attachment is different. This purpose is to give the patient the option to get the same effectiveness of teeth correction while secretly.

Besides aesthetics, lingual braces are also beneficial for patients who play wind instruments and play physical sports. 

On the other hand, hidden braces might be difficult to clean because of their positioning. To avoid plaque buildup, keep them spotless by following proper oral hygiene right after eating. 

Ceramic Or Clear Braces

Surprisingly, clinics now offer orthodontic braces that use ceramic brackets or even a clear one. Ceramics are a very durable material and famous in cosmetic dentistry because of their tooth-coloured look. 

Meanwhile, the brackets of invisible braces are also made to lessen the obtrusive display of the appliance. Even the wires can be made to match the colour of the frames for a more concealing effect. More patients trust transparent braces more because of their efficacy.

The takeaway

Your orthodontist or ***Toronto dentist ***can guide you in choosing the most suitable treatment for your teeth. It is best to discuss these options with them during your initial consultation. Be open about your goals, and don’t hesitate so your dentist can lay your choices.

Every type of clear aligner is effective as long as it suits your kind of dental condition.

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