Tooth Extraction: Is It Safe During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, there are lots of changes in the woman’s body. Due to hormonal changes, she becomes more susceptible to dental health risks, like periodontal disease. But, most pregnant women’s concern is if it is safe to see a dentist during such a condition? Is tooth extraction safe and advisable while you are pregnant?

Generally, routine dental appointments are still essential during pregnancy, just as you were still not pregnant. This helps you achieve optimal oral health and prevent complications while you are in a sensitive state. However, regular dental checkups are minimal to non-invasive, so there is no cause for concern.

Yes, a normal tooth removal process is safe for pregnant women. However, there can be factors why you should not consider your teeth pulled out until your baby is delivered.

Why Tooth Extraction Becomes Unsafe While Pregnant?

  • Use of general anaesthesia or sedationSome dentists do not advise pregnant women to be under sedation or put in an unconscious state. One consideration is that the strong medication could affect the unborn child through the placenta. The mother might also experience complications while under the drug.
  • Discomfort during the later trimesterAs the mother nears her delivery date, she becomes more reactive emotionally and physically. Although molar extraction procedures today are more comfortable with technology, some patients still get anxiety. This will only bring stress to the patient.
  • Wisdom teeth removalA wisdom tooth extraction procedure can be complicated. It needs invasive procedures that will require the patient to be put under anaesthesia and sedation to succeed. A pregnant woman might not be comfortable with this kind of process and should just delay the appointment.
  • Dental X-rayDepending on your dentist’s evaluation, you might need a dental X-ray before having a tooth removed. Unfortunately, pregnant women shouldn’t have an X-ray as the radiation might be harmful to the baby.While these are possible scenarios, dentists claim that tooth extraction is still safe for expectant mothers. The best way to know if you are suitable for this treatment with your condition is to have a thorough consultation with your OB-GYN and Toronto dentist.

The Best Solution

Although dental extraction is a necessary procedure, there is a solution so you can avoid it. Make sure that you practice good oral hygiene every day and regularly see your dentist. This can ultimately prevent you from ever developing tooth decay or gum disease and or making it worse.

The fact that this effort is a no-brainer and is a part of your routine, there’s no reason for you to skip brushing. Unless pregnancy mood swings get the better of you, make it a habit to stay focused on keeping oneself healthy while waiting to meet your baby.

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