What to Expect From Your In-House Denturist

Our In-House Denturist provides a valuable service to patients who have missing teeth and need some type of denture. Rather than outsourcing the creation of your new dentures, our In-House Denturist makes them right here, in our dental office. What can you expect from our In-House Denturist? Here are some of the services that you can expect.

Pre-Denture Examination

If you already lost all your teeth, our In-House Denturist can examine your gums using visual and/or digital inspection. In case you still have some of your teeth, our dentist will examine them first to discover any problems that need to be corrected before the denture is fitted. Then, when your mouth is ready to go, our denturist examines your mouth to detect any problems with fitting the dentures and plan for creating the dentures.

Making Impressions

In many dental offices, the dentist makes the impressions of your gums and sends them out to a dental lab. Since we have an In-House Denturist, they can make an impression for you, removing the requirement of sending impressions to a different lab. Denturists have specific training in making impressions. It’s a part of their main job, so you can expect that your dentures will be well-fitted when you receive them.

Preparing to Make the Dentures

Our In-House Denturist explains the process of getting dentures and helps you make any necessary decisions. For example, the denturist shows you several different colors to choose from, so you can have dentures that look like your natural teeth or opt for a whiter/brighter color.

In addition, if you had a slight gap between your front teeth, you can choose whether your dentures will retain that gap or not. People who have the gap because of genetic reasons often like to keep the gap. Others are happy they will no longer have it.

Creating the Dentures

With all the specifications gathered, our denturist goes to work making your dentures. You can expect our denturist to make dentures that fit the shape of your gums and suit the individual tastes you have already stated. They use high-quality materials to make the dentures and puts them together in a skilful way. If any dental technicians help create your dentures, the denturist supervises them closely to ensure the best possible quality.

Fitting the Dentures

Once the dentures are made, your denturist can fit them into your mouth. You can expect the denturist to take adequate time to make sure your dentures fit snugly but don’t pinch or irritate your gums. The fitting session usually isn’t very long, but when it is finished, your new dentures should fit well.

Adjustments, Relining and Repairs

Our In-House Denturist is also available for other denture services besides making them. They make adjustments as needed before and at any time after you leave our office with them for the first time. Sometimes, after wearing the dentures for a while, they need to be relined. Our denturist can do this in a concise time, right here in our dental clinic. They can also make certain repairs. This allows you to keep the same dentures after some accidents or after they have worn down due to age. And, if you ever need new dentures in the future, our denturist is always here to help.

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