The Advantages of Working With Our In-House Full Orthodontist

The Advantages of Working With Our In-House Full Orthodontist

Most of our patients who are preparing to have orthodontic work are unaware of the difficulties dental offices can have in providing the best care when they outsource dental services like orthodontics.

Orthodontics Made Easy: How Can In-House Care Save You Time & Money?

Fortunately for you, we have an in-house orthodontist to make the treatment easier for the dentist, and more importantly, for you. Here are some of the advantages of working with our in-house full orthodontist.

Saves You Time

You don’t have to wait as long when your orthodontist is on-site to take care of all your orthodontic needs. You don’t have to wait as long for the orthodontic devices to be made and fitted.

And, you don’t have to drive to a different office for adjustments. The time savings can be substantial.

Saves You Money

Because our orthodontist is a member of our dental care team, you save money. How does this work? You need fewer dental appointments because your dentist and orthodontist are located in the same building.

You also get the expertise of a trained specialist who doesn’t have to foot the bill for office expenses alone. By combining these services with our full-service dental office, the orthodontist saves money on these expenses and thus doesn’t have to pass the added cost on to you.

Ensures Exceptional Communication With Primary Dentist

Even when you’re working with our in-house orthodontist, there may be times when you need the services of your primary dentist.

You’ll also need to have routine checkups and teeth cleanings throughout the orthodontics treatment.

Our orthodontist is in the same location as your regular dentist, so communication between them is easier. In addition, face-to-face communications can be much more accurate and beneficial than electronic communications or even phone conversations.

Many Excellent Options For Orthodontic Treatments

Just because your orthodontist is in the same building as your regular dentist, it doesn’t follow that you’ll be limited in options for orthodontic treatments.

Our in-house orthodontist can fit you with your selection of braces, whether you choose traditional braces, hidden braces or invisible aligners. You also have options like retainers, headgear, and any other orthodontics treatment, you might need.

Full-Fledged Orthodontist

Our in-house orthodontist is a member of our team, but they are also a full-fledged orthodontist in their own right.

You can count on superb care and treatment just as you would with an orthodontist who practices in their own office. Our orthodontist has the skills and training you expect.

Early Orthodontic Treatment For Your Children

Getting a jump on your children’s orthodontic issues can prevent dental problems in the future. With an orthodontist on the premises, it’s convenient to take your children to the dentist without looking for a new professional to take care of your child’s teeth.

Your regular dentist can refer your child to our orthodontist for evaluation and treatment if needed.

The good news for your child is that they don’t have to get used to going to a strange place. The same dental team and the same office provide your child with a sense of security and comfort through any orthodontic work needed.

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